Julian and Camille Travel to Bordeaux for Their Winemakers Series

A very few would go traipsing through a cold, rainy countryside in the dead of winter to tell the stories of a winemaker and the ever sought-after, glorified Périgord black truffle.


Passion is what drives Camille and Julian and motivates them to create their Winemakers series and their truffle documentary, two projects conceived, produced and funded completely by the couple themselves. Originally visiting France in January of 2018 solely to attend “La Fête de la Truffe”- a festival dedicated to the Périgord truffle in Sorges - they decided that the nearby region of Bordeaux was a necessary stop for their series. Winemakers (still in production) will tour some of the world’s most renowned wine regions and profile world famous winemakers, who will share their winemaking perspectives and philosophies, as well as a glimpse into their personal life and what inspires them.  In return for their work, Camille and Julian get to share beautiful stories and meet incredible people - which brings us to Nicolas Audebert.


Nicolas Audebert - an old friend and colleague of Camille’s from their work together for Champagne Veuve-Clicquot Krug in New York City - is the director and winemaker of Château Canon in Saint-Émilion which sits on the right bank of the Garonne river and Château Rauzan-Ségla on the left bank, two grand cru châteaux owned by the house of Chanel.  A charming, handsome polo player, Nicolas has a vast knowledge of winemaking from his expertise and fine tastes tracing back to his previous work in Argentina at Cheval des Andes, owned by the renowned Château Cheval Blanc, arguably one of the best wines in the world.

Teaser for Episode:

The actual Château Canon is used as an invite-only guest house (more like guest palace, if you will) with interiors recently renovated by the highly-acclaimed New York architect, Peter Marino, who refurbished the chateau with eye-popping wallpapers and modern decor. In addition to letting them film him and the vineyard for their Winemakers series, Nicolas invited Camille and Julian stay in the chateau. It’s everything a royal princess could dream of and more: windows opening to beautiful vineyards, high-arched ceilings, crystal chandeliers, a private cook and garden with the village rooftops extending beyond.  With their own key to unlock the château a stay here felt like a personal residence, true luxury.

The village of Saint-Émilion was the perfect backdrop for Camille and Julian, who took to the narrow, cobbled streets, camera in hand. The dark, dreary weather subsided just as they had begun to film the steeple of the town’s 12th-century church, and they watched as the clouds parted, and the sun shown its face for the first time since they had arrived. It was as if nature had bent its will just for them.

Despite the luxuries of a chateau, Camille and Julian were excited to return home to continue work on their projects and begin editing their second Winemakers teaser. After three days in Bordeaux, they had gotten what they came for: beautiful footage and a glimpse into the story of a winemaker, his craft and the life of a Bordelais.


The Story Continues...

From restaurants to fromageries, from cold Vermont valleys to steamy waterways of the islands. From the tops of snowy trees to the cellars of tradition. Capturing images in every corner of life. 

cups of bacon [Saltbox Kitchen]

sunrise run with julbo [4 degrees]

tic tac cheese [italy]

Floating with the wind [st. croix, USVI]

backyard snow [wayland]

her first bouquet [flower project]

the oysterman [nantucket]

la morra [italy]

history of wine [barolo, italy]

scavino [the father and his barrels]

Never Stop Looking

Life can really throw you curve balls. Sometimes they land right where you think and you connect with them, but other times you realize you need to close your eyes and just swing. 

[ 30th] birthday sunset

The summit [somewhere in NH]

[Sunset] Nantucket

Meeting the growers from [Champagne] 

In her [element]

the [apple orchard] for Citizen Cider

[quick] on his feet

[Boston Church] roof repair with Cold Hollow

An unpainted [silo]

learning the insides with Saltbox Kitchen [pig]

Jeroen with [white box]

Boy with [kite]

The Summer Life

No summertime sadness, long days mean solar energy and soaking in experiences and the people who make them so special.

The best business meetings happen at the top of mountains. Thanks to the birthday boy and hike organizer @theheadiestging [Sterling Pond, Smugglers' Notch, VT]

Aerial view of Sterling Pond [Smuggler's Notch, VT]

Congrats to Jenny and Andrey. An amazing escape to St. Croix to capture their wedding. This island will always be a special place for me. 

Chenay Bay [St. Croix]

Buck Island [St. Croix] 

Sunset from the Layton's 

As the Moran Plant facebook page described it, #BTV artist @Mary_Lacy is "one remarkable bucket-trucking muralist".  I captured her process of painting the Zero Gravity mural here:


See Mary's past work at the Burlington Moran Plant:

Spin Cycle

Life is a whirlwind. Here are the moments that help it last. 

Grace Potter [Grand Point North]

My Daddy's Caddy hits UVM campus

Too small. [Dominican Republic]

Life after life. [Franconia Notch, NH]

Mt. Hunger [Waterbury. VT]

Skipping rocks my whole life [colchester point, VT]

Johnny's Boat [colchester point, VT]

Days and Nights

Mt. Philo views of Shelburne, VT

Filming in the woods with Claire and Chris

Sunset flooding.

Evening Architecture

Evening Architecture #2

Building Forward

Walter Poleman reviewing projects for the Living Place Design Competition  at UVM.

Mayor Miro Weinberger announcing the agreement made with Burlington Telecom. 

Mayor Miro Weinberger supporting the New Moran Plant and the future of Burlington's waterfront.

Rick Ames, juror for Living Place Design Competition, and Tyler Kobick discussing the projects.