Food & Wine

Juharo loves celebration.

Noteworthy moments in life are born at set tables with great food and wine.  Juharo's Creative Director Camille Broderick has over a decade of experience in the epicurean and fine wine worlds. Our relationships are personal and these connections serve as a guide in sharing your stories more visually and intimately.

We love and respect your craft and we seek out clients that compliment our passions and our work.


[First Prize]

Wine Spectator Magazine's Video Contest 2016


 [Napa, California]

"Truffle Night"


[Antoine Roland-Billecart]

200 year old champagne house


G.D. [Vajra]

a barolo winemaker


Alba [Italy]

3- star Michelen restaurant


an [oysterman] in december

 nantucket, ma


new york [new york]

white truffles, The Lincoln