We hunker down in our studio and think before we hit record. What is your story? What do you want your audience to feel? These questions we answer with you before the cameras turn on to ensure every shot we get is usable & has a purpose for your brand & business.

  • Brand discovery

  • Narrative formulation

  • Script writing

  • Production planning

[CONTACT] juharoproductions@gmail.com



We are efficient and stylistic when it comes to “lights, camera, & action”. We direct until we get the shots we need and then some. We always work within your budget and timeline. As a team we are open-minded and sensible and do everything in our ability to authentically capture your story.

  • Cinematography

  • Aerial videography

  • Sound & audio

  • Professional interviews


Post- Production

The art doesn’t stop once we wrap filming. The editing is a key step in our work. This is the stage when every piece of the pre-production & production comes together bringing to life your story seamlessly. This stage is both collaborative & thoughtful, thus making your vision a reality.

  • Video editing

  • Sound editing

  • Transcriptions & copy

  • Content management